Yamaha sidewinder problems

By YamadooDecember 23, in Ontario. Hoping to get one next year to replace the Apex. I'm assuming a few people here purchased one. Interested in actual seat time reviews please. I believe he purchased the Cat copy, not the Yamaha one.

Apparently the yamaha one is faster than the Thunder cat as well. Must be them yammy clutches. Could be? I believe the clutches are basically the only difference between the two, other than paint of course. My old man got one, I've put a few miles on it. Night and day switching back to his apex, the cat chassis is so much better.

Just looked up the price For that price, it had better do everything well, and hit on the gun! No other sled can come close to that. Not sure if he came here. I talked with him last week and he has gone to a Sidewinder over the modded Doo 's he was running simply because of the hp to cost ratio. The Doo faithful have been waiting for their flagship to come and every year its disappointment.

Your math is flawed. Reliability will be compromised, the build quality is still shit Let's see how long those cranks last with hp designed for Good luck with the warranty dept. Not sure what "flagship" we're waiting for. I'm a 2-stroke guy. I always like more power, but I can't see anything with more torque adding to the trail experience of a Apr 8, 0. Mar 24, 0. Mar 19, 0. Owner turns the key and the engine cranks and cranks but no start.

Usually found inside the fuse box, a relay is a method of using a low voltage logic signal to control a higher current load. Like headlights. Or a starter. Or, a fuel pump. Inside the relay, more accurately an electro-mechanical relay, is a set of contacts that closes an electrical circuit.

The relay gets the signal to engage, and it closes the contacts to turn on the load. Most of us should be familiar with a starter relay on a car, where when you turn the key the starter relay passes the current from the battery to the starter motor.

On a snowmobile we have an extreme environment where the relay is asked to perform in a wide range of conditions, from extreme cold to hot underhood temperatures, as well as extreme amounts of moisture and steam being created.

Ah, steam. This seems to be the one that really causes havoc in the Sidewinder and Thundercat models. The turbocharger, more accurately the intercooler, is placed up in the nose of the snowmobile. And, guess where the fuse box with the relays is located? Yep, up under the hood in the nose of the machine. Anyways, when snow hits the warm intercooler it quickly melts and vaporizes and steam is created. Generally, the relays used to control the headlights and fuel pump and such are fitted in a small plastic case, square or rectangular, and may or may not be sealed.

Long story short, moisture gets into the relay assembly. Environments that create condensation or frost, like inside a trailer, can make things worse. So what happens is the moisture gets inside the relay, and when you go to start your sled there can be ice or frost inside of the relay creating a layer of insulation between the contacts. And this leads to the fuel pump not getting power, no fuel pressure in the fuel rail, no fuel being injected into the engine, and no starting of the mighty turbocharged engine.

Owners of these sleds have learned to listen for the fuel pump to turn on and come up to pressure when they turn the key. Actually, when cold starting a Sidewinder one wants to let the fuel pump come up to full pressure before turning the key to the next position which engages the starter motor. In colder conditions, many owners will do this twice — turn the key on to pressurize the fuel rail, turn the key off, turn the key back on again and let the fuel pump run a second time, and then when it quits running the second time then they crank the engine.

This is in stark contrast to simply twisting the key from full off to immediately cranking the engine, which works fine when the engine is warm but is not the most effective way to do it with a cold engine.

Owners have learned to warm up the culprit relay, melting away the frost and ice inside, so the contacts can flow current and energize the fuel pump. This can be done by warming the entire sled, or by opening up the fuse box and pulling the relay out and warming it, or replacing it with a warm dry one.COM Enter keywords or a search phrase below: Search.

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yamaha sidewinder problems

Login or Register Customer Service. By Ryan Thompson August 18, We spent eight months riding the Sidewinder in all sorts of conditions, and it did not fail to impress. There were about 18 inches of new snow, the trees were fairly tight, and it was getting dark. We had been riding in a very steep drainage and knew that at some point we were going to have to turn and go up to the top of the ridge. As we approached another group of riders, we realized that getting ourselves out of there was not going to be an easy feat.

The group we came upon was riding sleds from other manufacturers newer modelsand some even had turbos. All had been trying to get out of this drainage for some time, with no luck. It was a technical climb, about yards up, and not for the faint of heart. We all joked that he entered the phone booth, put on his cape and literally flew like Superman straight up the hill!

Hard-knock life Reversing an incorrect reputation for the inch Sidewinder is not easy. Mountain riders talk of its weight and paint a picture of this sled being akin to the bumbling Clark Kent.

Our test rider Kevin came up and back out of that gnarly drainage three different times on the Sidewinder that day, while it took the entire rest of the crew almost a full hour to make it to the top just once. We spent 8 months riding the Sidewinder in all sorts of conditions, and it did not fail to impress. The amount of power this sled generates is amazing. It has a very linear power band, which means the ponies do not come on unexpectedly or all at once. The power is very smooth and builds fast — wicked fast.

yamaha sidewinder problems

Although it can take the track a while to hook up, it flat-out flies once it does. The Sidewinder is a 4-stroke. Yes, this inevitably makes the engine heavier than the 2-strokes.

The power-to-weight ratio on this monster makes it feel lighter than you think. This muscle is not to be underestimated.Forum Rules. Remember Me? You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features.

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Results 1 to 8 of 8. Anyone weight the new Sidewinder MTX? I was just wondering how much they weight? Premium Advertiser. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Originally Posted by ssjrmk. Last edited by Lund; November 22nd, at PM.

Ifttt solaredge

It has over hp and upgradable to depending on your appetite. Ride one stock and you will understand why its like driving a diesel truck versus a gasser. Yamaha will have a fleet of Sidewinders on Demo throughout Mountain communities all winter long starting next weekend. If your serious please check with your local Yamaha dealer about your opportunity. Turtle Mountain I'm going Riding Got Boost? I grabbed this pic off the sidewinder FB page it was full of fuel with stock muffler on so as heavy as you can possibly get.

I can't wait to get mine in the hills and push that hp number on pump gas! So compared to doo or catlbs heavier? Dropping 50 would get things interesting. Originally Posted by gsteve. Last edited by skegpro; April 16th, at PM.

Originally Posted by canuck5. Last edited by kencrash; October 15th, at PM. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. All times are GMT The time now is AM.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in.

What's new. SideWinder reviews? JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. First Prev 4 of 6 Go to page. Nov 26, 2, 1, May 31, 43 New Brunswick, Canada. I own summit and a lb Nytro RTR I like them both Nytro power delivery is superior. Easier to modulate, easier to pick through technical stuff. Summit is superior on side hill and tight terrain. Weight and panelling out much much better. I've ridden lots of vipers, but they don't feel like my Nytro.

The viper drivers who tried my Nytro will tell you the same. Weight matters. But I don't really buy the 4S weight issue so much. Nikolai who is an absolute yami guru weighed the nytro engine at lbs dry see page 54 of AK sled build thread.

The mill comes in around 90 lbs. Add the tuned pipe at approx. Thats 15lbs in the difference Turbo's are heavy I think Gyroscopic effects definitely come into play but maybe more important When you start reaching feet, I would definitely lean on HP versus weight.Apr 8, 0.

Mar 24, 0. Mar 19, 0. Face it, crossover sleds are very popular as many riders are looking for a single machine that gives them the ability to be a good rider wherever they go. Maybe it is on a groomed trail.

Long Term Test: 2017 Yamaha Sidewinder L-TX LE

Maybe it is through a foot of fresh snow. Maybe it is in even deeper snow off trail. The secret to having a sled that can do it all well, within reason, is a combination of both track length for flotation and track lug height for moving the snow, propelling the vehicle forward.

yamaha sidewinder problems

Yamaha has also learned that with the inherent added weight of their durability-superior engines that having a longer tracked sled also balances out the extra engine mass, resulting in a better balanced sled that masks the engine mass very well.

That is the trick, as most tracks that work well off trail do not work well on packed trails. The Cobra 1. Yes, it is a softer lug that does wear faster, but think of it like a set of all-season tires, it works good across a wide range of snow conditions.

Not as good as a 1. That said, on hard packed trails the lugs tend to fold over so one has to remember it works better as a soft snow track, not a hard snow track. With the Sidewinder X-TX SE you have a single snowmobile that can be ridden both at low elevation on groomed trails and at higher elevation with ZERO changes to the clutching and gearing.

Just load and go. Granted, this is a 1. This is not a true mountain sled by any stretch, but it is a capable sled in most conditions. If you do more off trail than on trail then we would steer you into the X-TX. We are kind of splitting hairs here, as all of them are going to work quite well in most conditions, but there are these functional differences from the different features that should be considered.

yamaha sidewinder problems

We know from experience that the even longer track length that gives you greater versatility with added flotation, better weight distribution, all in a high performance package that just begs to be ridden hard. Fox FLOAT shocks give you that added capability with their rising rate air spring that is extremely difficult to bottom out hard.

As the air spring shock compresses, the spring rate rises exponentially so it takes a huge amount of force to fully compress the shock, and reach the point of bottoming. This is why this rear suspension is better suited for the more aggressive rider, and those catching air.

In any case, the added length spreads out the vehicle mass and gives us a better balanced machine, one that diminishes the added mass of the engine, one that gives the motor enough track to properly hook up with the killer torque band, and face it, it gives us the all-around performance that better suits the typical 4-stroke rider — one that wants the best durability and reliability for thousands of miles.

The turbocharged 3-cylinder engine was nothing short of scary. Power was indeed close to HP as we had to be very selective in who was able to ride this sled.

Only our most experienced riders were allowed to run this one hard, as it was quite easy to get it going very fast very quickly, so one had to be on their game paying attention to the rate of acceleration and allow enough room for braking distances.

If this was the only sled you rode you would acclimate, but with our test riders switching and swapping we had to pay close attention to the Sidewinder. Throttle response was indeed quick for a turbo, thanks to the triple throttle bodies of the Sidewinder package. We never had any running quality issues of any kind, it was flawless in this regard.Log in or Sign up. We are no longer supporting TapaTalk as a mobile app for our sites.

Long Term Test: 2017 Yamaha Sidewinder M-TX 162

The TapaTalk App has many issues with speed on our server as well as security holes that leave us vulnerable to attacks and spammers. Sidewinder Problems and Warranty Items. That's why you have a warranty.

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The dealer can register the problem with Yamaha so we all can benefit from an update or a bulletin about the issue. Without doing so the numbers will be skewed and there will be no changes due to lack of unreported problems.

Posting the problems on the forums or social media is not the way to bring the issues to the attention of Yamaha sorry to say. MrSledJan 20, Jobieyamahaguygytr done and 9 others like this.

One of the reason I posted the above statement is that I have spoke to a few dealers and they have Zero reported problems withe rollers and or other issues that have been reported on the site. Thats not good if there is a problem that needs to be addressed. I tell you what anyone that is on the fence about purchasing a Sidewinder, go for it!!

I have miles on mines with no problems and I think there are more unit with no problems then with issues and the numbers at the dealers are showing this. JobieErikgytr done and 3 others like this. Very good point. One issue Yamaha is aware of is the roller issue and will have updated ones available around feb 1. MightyJan 20, Messages: Location: Fenton Mi.

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I have 1, miles on mine with no issues except it started to flat spot rollers. I took my helix off and sanded and repolished ramps so 3rd ramp not touching would touch and no further flat spotting. Everything else has been fine. Blueaway and MrSled like this. DieselxtxJan 20, I'm headed to the Gaspe, Quebec with Darkside Adventures for 2 weeks and should have 3, miles on by the time I get back. We'll see how she does.

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Blueawayactionjack and MrSled like this. I hadn't spoken to my dealer, only have 43 miles. I notified them that I lost one if the turbo bolts. I had ordered the bolt myself already and just was told it is backordered 'til end of Feb. I'll go crazy if my next ride is March! The dealer doesn't have any bolts but have some ordered.

They are going to take a bolt off a floor model for me. They claimed they have only seen 3 out of 10 serviced with flat spots on rollers. Preacher and MrSled like this. So far my sled is good to go. My dad's is at the dealer for the right hand warmer that either crapped out or didn't work from factory.


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