Ximena 90 day fiance instagram

A 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days inside source alleges that Ricky Reyes and his wife were gaming the system for fame and fortune and scammed Ximena Parra. The source, that wishes to remain anonymous out of fear of reprisal, says that there was some dirty stuff that went down during the shoot that devastated the Colombian beauty.

Some of the alleged deception came at the hand of Ricky and his wife while production crafted other misinformation. Hearing from the BTS source then watching the latest episode is stunning in retrospect. The promo below shows him promoting his business. However, the source tied to production, said people working in production decided it would be more dramatic to insert this other womanMelissa, into the scenes and leave him waiting for her.

Melissa is a real person but the source said production added her to the show for drama. We like this Colombiana Ximena?? Much better than that trash Melissa.

ximena 90 day fiance instagram

Second, the source says that he was not separated and that his wife plotted with him to get him on the show. The couple own a photography and film production company, Crown Productions, and hoped the attention might make him social media famous, said the anonymous tipster. If this was the goal, the backlash against him and his lies showed it failed. Ricky implied they slept together. The anonymous insider confirmed Ricky and Ximena were intimate.

However, the source said sleeping with her was not part of the plan he hatched with his wife. Reportedly, his wife was hurt and stunned that her husband cheated. The alleged plan was for him to seek fame but not betray her. Ricky is trash trash trash trash 90dayfiance BeforeThe90Days 90dayfiancebeforethe90days pic.

Twisted Lies Devastate Innocent Woman? It sold this month and a background check revealed that Ricky Reyes is living in an apartment. Records show his wife is in a new home at another address. Reyes and his wife remain hitched, as of this writing despite his denials. There is no divorce case but they may be living apart.

If the insider information is correct, it seems doubly twisted. The informant says Reyes targeted Ximena.But now, Ximena took to Instagram to set the record straight and to clear her reputation by telling her side of the story. I told my surgeon that I wanted to correct the aftermath of my accident and that it was smaller. Absolutely not, I am a professional woman. Septorinoplasty I told my surgeon that I wanted to correct the aftermath of my accident and that it was smaller.

90 Day Fiance Star Ximena Finds New Man After Mortifying Ricky Ordeal?

I work and does not need a man to make her wishes come true 4 Ricky sent dollars? PDT I am sorry for my English!!! But in her confessional, Ximena said she never asked him for anything. She also explained that the reason why she got a nose job was mostly for medical reasons, and only part cosmetic.

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She said when she was in college, she got into an accident where she broke her nose and after that, she was having trouble breathing through her nose. She had an opportunity through her health insurance where the company would cover part of the surgery for her and she would have to cover the rest. She had the money, so she chose to do it. She also said that she used the money Ricky sent her to visit her sister and bought things for her nephews.

Guess night 1 went well! That explanation seemed like it was enough to get Ricky to trust her. View this post on Instagram. More in Reality TV. Top stories.Tons of regular folks, celebrities, and reality show personalities are taking part. Ximena got in on the trend and her pics really surprised fans.

The 90 Day Fiance personality posted a pic from side by side with one from this year for her 10 Year Challenge. The premise is simple. You post two images side by side and they must be at least 10 years apart. But when Ximena Parra did her 10 Year Challenge, as seen below, what stands out to fans is her nose! Her face looks drastically different and many fans commented that she looked even better today than she did years ago.

Her romantic partner on the show, Ricky Reyes, broke her heart. He admitted to joining the show to promote his business while still married to his wife. Ricky also threw Melissa an actress reportedly hired by TLC production into the mix. He even went so far as to propose, even though he was very much married. Even while she was exposing his fibs, Ricky was talking to another girl, a Canadian this time, and she says he wanted her to be with him on Before the 90 Days.

Despite all this, it seems the the gorgeous Colombian is moving on just fine — and looks great doing so. All the celebs are doing the 10YearChallenge so I took the liberty of doing it for JenniferAnistonwho has not aged a day pic.

Despite being married and his other lies, it came out during 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days that Ricky Reyes was sending her money. On one episode, he grilled her about how she used the money. One of the things he said she spent it on was a nose job.


However, Ximena Parra insists he did not buy her new nose. First, the Colombian said that it was not a cosmetic nose job but one to treat a deviated septum. Fans loved her, hated Ricky, and felt genuinely bad for what she went through on the TLC show. With almost 40, Instagram followers, Ximena still has the fans watching her every online move. One of the things the 90 Day Fiance fans adore about Ximena is her smile. Even after the ordeal with Ricky, she kept smiling and then she moved on.

Her relationship status is not known today but back in November, reports of Ximena Parra and her new nose finding a new boyfriend hit the online world. Skip to content. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.After Ricky Reyes was ditched by his first love interest, MelissaXimena came on board as his new romantic partner.

She traveled from her hometown in Villanueva, Colombia to Medellin to see Ricky. Ximena posted a photo on Instagram on November 15, that shows a handsome mystery man kissing her on the cheek. Her fans were quick to notice the new couple and posted happy and congratulatory messages for Ximena, according to an article from In Touch. Who could blame them? After all the hell Ricky put her through, the fans like seeing her happy. These two had some real chemistry, or so it appeared.

Ricky proposed to Ximenabut with the very same diamond ring that he had purchased for his ex, Melissa. He tried to dispel all the lies that he was drowning in. Thankfully, Ximena eventually saw through this charade.

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He stated that Amber, his daughter, had asked him to pump the brakes on his relationship with Ximena. Ricky eventually reunited with his ex-wife.

Obviously, Ximena was thrilled to dodge this matrimonial bullet.

’90 Day Fiance’ Update: Ximena Bowls Them Over After Ricky’s Horrendous Deeds

Ximena threw away the diamond sparkler that Ricky gave her. Way to go, Ximena! Follow Us:.Fans found Ximena genuine. Ximena started out as a spare for Ricky Reyes after his first love interest dodged him during his trip to Colombia.

After a month of open voting on Instagram, Ximena beat out all the other past and present 90 Day Fiance stars. Fans also coaxed and urged Ximena to get back on the show, of course with a new partner. Some also see her as a future Bachelorette contestant.

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Ricky Reyes. You are not a man. You're just a pathetic little boy who has nothing to offer a woman but chaos and drama. Ximena and Melissa dodged a bullet.

The sad part is you are a role model to your daughters, showing them it's ok for men to treat them like crap.

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It was Sad for Ximena Parra — Devastated on Show From the looks of the comments on the Instagram site announcing Ximena as the winner, fans just adore this woman. Viewers of the show were happy to bash Ricky Reyes.

He not only had a wife at home, but he came to Colombia to woo another woman.

’90 Day Fiance’: See Ximena Parra Before and After Nose Job Photos

That was Melissa, who he met online. When Melissa dodged him, he called on Ximena, who he also courted online. Ximena was so pleased that Ricky made the trip to see her.

When they first met in person she was unaware that she was his second choice. He later told her the truth. After Ximena got over the initial shock and pain, she was willing to forgive Ricky. When Ricky proposed to Ximena, he used the ring he brought for Melissa.

Ricky was a heel, he went back to his wife and left Ximena with nothing but horrific memories and a broken heart. Fans loved Ximena and as time went on she did just fine for herself. Skip to content. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.For those of you who follow the reality train-wreck of a television show 90 Day Fiancethe names Ricky and Ximena will surely ring a bell. While the show has had its fair share of messy couples, Ximena and Ricky might take the cake.

Really, anyone and Ricky will take the cake because he is about the shadiest character that reality television has ever seen. Poor Ximena got caught up in Ricky's web of lies and shade, and no one could help feeling sorry for the Colombian-born beauty. It seems that Ximena has picked up the pieces of her life post-lying-heartless-icky-Ricky quite nicely. If her scant social media accounts are any indication of a revived love life, then we can also assume Ximena has a new man standing by her side.

Photos have surfaced of Ximena and a dark, handsome someone getting pretty close.

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Way to get your groove and your learn on Ximena. While we all feel genuinely sorry for what Ximena had to put up with when she caught the eye of potential suitor Ricky, she isn't completely absolved of responsibility for that massive relationship crash and kaputz. They DID meet through a Colombian dating website, and with that kind of thingyou are bound to go through a couple of studs and a couple of duds.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Ximena’s Classy and Sassy AF Response To Ricky’s Big Secret Gave Us Life

Internet dating is a roll of the dice. Sure it works out for some lucky couples, but for other people looking for love Live and learn there Ximena. Rumors began swirling that sweet, innocent Ximena was anything but when Ricky made public claims that she was using him for his money!

Here we have a classic case of two bitter exes playing the "he said, she said" game. It's hard to know who to side with here. This Colombia-born beauty seems mild and meek, but she has goals, people. According to reports, Ximena had spent time in the states before the show and was wanting to get back here.

ximena 90 day fiance instagram

Was Ricky the ticket she was looking for? Her marriage to him would have guaranteed her residence to the North of her native Colombia, after all. You would think that these reality stars would be all about their social media profiles. If they are willing to put their love lives on camera for the world to see, then they can't be all that private, right? Ximena isn't your average reality star, it seems. There is very little personal information floating around out there letting us know their most private details about Ximena.

She does have scant social media, which gives us a little to go by, but other than that she is a bit of an internet ghost. Now that she is a hard-working student in the states, maybe she will get with the techy times and build her Snapchat and Twitter profiles. Soooooo, Ricky stinks for several reasons, but the big one is that he was apparently married when he came searching for love in Colombia!

His entire 90 Day Fiance appearance was to gain fame and notoriety, not love and companionship, it seems. His legal wife knew all about his aspirations but made it clear she wanted nothing to do with the show.

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Since news of his marriage broke, she has disabled all of her social media accounts and remains adamant that this fiasco had nothing to do with her. The pair may or may not be still married, but are likely living at different residences. As far as we know, Ximena is loving life down in sunny Florida, and Ricky is living thousands of miles away.

Now that single dad Ricky is living apart from his ex-wife, he is said to be residing in Austin, Texas where he can at least focus on fatherhood and be closer to where his children live. Ximena would do well to stay far away from Ricky and his mass quantities of lies and baggage.Calling it quits.

ximena 90 day fiance instagram

The paperwork was completed on June 17 and it includes a temporary protective order that prevents him from seeing their young daughter, Kira, which was signed by a judge on June Scroll through the gallery below for all of the new details. Natalia filed for divorce from Ricky on June 17, eight months after it was revealed they were working on their marital issues. To clear the air about his legal situation, Ricky released a statement via social media about the temporary protective order.

Just a few days ago, he shared a new photo with a passionate message. At the beginning of July, he posted another update. I pray God can answer my prayers and let her know that I love her, hopefully she can feel it at least spiritually. She also hinted that she and Ricky tried to reconcile their relationship after he returned from his trip to Colombia to meet two of his potential love interests, which was documented on the show.

After his trip, there were lots of regrets and promises, so blame me for being dumb — but that is all I was. Now — did he have feelings for her? Now, it looks like things are over between Ricky and Natalia as well. Hopefully, everything works out for the best. Calling It Quits Natalia filed for divorce from Ricky on June 17, eight months after it was revealed they were working on their marital issues.

Marital Woes To clear the air about his legal situation, Ricky released a statement via social media about the temporary protective order. Tough Times At the beginning of July, he posted another update.

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