Kaiserreich spain avoid civil war

But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new dark age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves, that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, this was their finest hour.

In this alternate timeline, the Lusitania was never sunk, and the Germans eventually refused to avoid unrestricted submarine warfare, thus impeaching the American intervention in WWI. Without US reinforcements, Offensive was more benificial for the Germans, who destroyed the Salonika bridgehead the same year, and a double offensive in France and Italy in led to German victory: in both defeated countries, syndicalist unrest led to general strikes and later revolt against the government responsible for defeat, with German approval.

French government come to exile to its African colonies after a syndicalist revolution inspired by the souvenirs of the Commune has triumphed at home whilst Italy is cut in two, between Syndicalist south and Austrian-occupied North.

The remaining of the war consists of a few smirkishes in the Middle East and German intervention in the Russian Civil War that eventually leads to the victory of the Whites, united under the aegis of Alexandr Kerensky. The Lloyd George government finally accepts to sign the "Peace with Honour" with the German Imperial government inacknowledging German supremacy on the continent, excessive war indemnities, annexation of Belgian Congo, French Indochina, Moresnet, Luxemburg and western parts of Russia to Germany, but leaves Britain, Japan and Portugal and their empires unharmed.

In Germany proper, Wilhelm II enjoys his fullfilled dream of "Place under the Sun", but the Hindenburg-Ludendorff dictatorship fight to keep control of the government, criticized on its left by democrats and on its right by the advocates of a preventive strike against Syndicalist France.

The two generals are ousted by to be reimplaced by Grossadmiral von Tirpitz, who will rule during a golden age of German supremacy.

Irish Christian Front

Austria-Hungary fails its inner renovation after Emperor Karl's death onand its economy and government are progressively put under German control: the Augsleich leads to a lame compromise about federal status, and has to be renogicated by Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria barely survive with German help against their respective internal dissenters Arabs and Balkanic neighbours.

Russia, dismembered during the Civil War, is put under a weak democratic regime under Kerensky, going under heavy corruption and high dissent due to pardoned former Bolsheviks and far right White Generals: Kolchak fails its coup in and has to flee for Japan. Britain is hit by internal dissent and has to deal with German-sponsored revolts throughout its empire, such as in Ireland, India or in Africa: a General Strike in leads to the fall of the Home Islands to Syndicalism and the exile of the Royal Family to Canada.

India is split into three rival factions, South Africa proclaims its independance, Australia and New Zealand are merged into the Australasian Dominion and Germany take control of many British colonies, in Africa and Asia. China has been invaded by German forces ineventually leading to the restoration of the Qing Empire and the German administration of country in the past British model in India. Japan awaits for an occasion to expand, such as Baron von Ungern-Sternberg in Mongolia American authority in South America has already collapsed, being disputed by syndicalist revolutionnaries, Commonwealth agents Canada, where the Royal Family resides, as its leader and German advisors.

It's the 48th year of the reign of Wilhelm II. Following the assassination of Kerensky, rival factions, ranging from Wrangel's ultranationalists to Bukharin's Neo-Bolsheviks, will fight each other for the control of the Kremlin.

The Mitteleuropa system will be critically hit by the Berlin Stock Market crash. The Third Internationale Congress in Paris will trigger a new age of syndicalist policies, sparking uprisings throughout the world. The United States will collapse in a new civil war.Currently in 1.

With renewed strength, the Kaiserreich launches a great offensive in Springpushing the frontline to Paris. With their army defeated and morale destroyed, a socialist revolution founded on the ideology of Syndicalism overthrows the Third French Republic, exiling the government to North Africa and creating the Commune of France. The White Russian forces, supported by German intervention, had regrouped and fought back, defeating the Reds.

As the war ends on continental Europe, the United Kingdom cannot afford to continue the war. A ceasefire is declared infollowed by a Peace with Honor peace treaty in Ina Syndicalist revolution overthrows the British government.

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Meanwhile, having remained committed to neutrality, the United States does not intervene in the war. While having benefited greatly from supplying the Allied powers, the defeat of Britain and France along with Germany's stranglehold on global trade prevents the US from being able to recover its investments in Europe, inflicting massive economic damage on the republic. With the economy in chaos, the formerly entrenched Republican and Democratic parties begin to see their influence wane as more extreme Syndicalist, Populist, and technocratic political parties rise to power.

This sharply divides the American populace, and there are whispers of armed paramilitaries making preparations for a Second American Civil War. It is now Germany has been the dominant superpower of the world for over a decade, their influence stretches across Europe, Africa, and Asia. But the global balance is shaking in this turbulent year. The Berlin stock market collapses on Black Monday and unleashes a global economic crash.

Countries the world over are flocking to forge global alliances — with the German Reichspakt, the remnants of the Entente, the Syndicalist International, the Japanese Co-Prosperity Sphere, and others.

Hearts of Iron IV: Kaiserreich – Let’s Avoid American Civil War

All are preparing for a new global conflict. Dormant societal and political problems are being aggravated by the collapse, escalating beyond control. A Second Weltkriegpromising to be several times bigger than the first, seems to lie on the horizon. The latest version of the mod can be downloaded here for Darkest Hour and here for HoI 4the mod also has its own wiki, official subreddit and Twitter.

While similar in Broad Strokesthere are some slight differences between the two versions of the mod due in part to different mechanics in the respective base games, slightly divergent development choices and different release paces.

Two other Cold War-themed spin-off mods set after the Second Weltkrieg are currently under development: Kalterkrieg: Shadow of the Weltkriegfocusing on a cold war between the Entente and Reichpakt after their difficult victory over the Third Internationale, and Krasnacht: Twilight of the Godsfocusing on a cold war between a victorious Third Internationale and the emerging Savinkovist Saratov Pact.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.Home Games News Cosplay. Introduction The KR community has been complaining about how difficult USA is, but it is actually the easiest faction if you play it right i. And this guide will tell you how to win the ACW so quick like it never happened. The Garner path of Austerity through the storm is the quickest of all so far, and this guide tells you how to win it within a month or two. If you intend to go CSA assassinationalso skip to the Exploit part.

Preparation Part 1 First thing you should do is wait for the introduction event and do the Garner-Wagner Bill focus.

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And then you should try to compromise with the AFP to slightly increase chances of it passing. It doesn't really matter if it passes or fails, but you get to place some nice juicy factories if, by RNG, it passes. Don't worry about increasing SPA strength by placing factories in the South since you are compromising with Longthe CSA's strength is ultimately rigged by the events of 'Austerity through the storm' anyway.

For your production, you can build whatever you want for the dockyards, but I highly recommend you to assign one factory each for light tank, motorized, fighter, bomber, cas, and then for artillery and the rest for guns.

This guide depends entirely on light tank divisions, and it is necessary to have some equipment for replenishment.

kaiserreich spain avoid civil war

Have a few divisions on training queue, but do not set deployment location. For research, go for the basics: industry, light tank II MUSTinfantry weapons, artillery and superior firepower or whatever doc that fits you.

The CSA gets any tech that USA has fully researched when it breaks away, so to be as gamey as possible, research all your techs until you are 1 day from finishing them, and then switch to another.

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But I only recommend doing this for important ones superior firepower, infantry weapons and artillery. I recommend scrapping the armored cruisers as they are useless and fuel hungry. For construction, it is highly recommended that you build infrastructure only. Any factory you build will not be ready for the ACW anyway, and the stacked penalties can sometimes result in deconstruction of your military factories: The negative construction speed will actually reverse any progress you had towards building a military factory So just build infra in DC and at places safe from the war Florida, California, etc.

You have enough airfields to handle the war so you don't need to build those. Preparation Part 2 Once you get the event for the coalition, reject it because you want our boy Garner to win. If the Garner-Wagner Bill passed, congratulations! Place the factories in the South. If you failed, maybe you can even skip those following focuses because MacArthur's plan definitely won't help you secure New York the starting position in Austerity through the storm is rigged.

All skill no luck Once you have pp, spend it on the intelligence minister, preferably a technical specialist to get research boost. The constant string of crises means you likely won't get pp for any design company.An alternate timeline by Althistorian The Treaty of Versailles is signed by the new government and the German people feel a great sense of indignation.

He immediately launches an ambitious rearmament program in violation of the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler takes advantage of the crisis to remilitarise the Rhineland. The Spanish Civil War starts. Czechoslovakia cedes the Sudetenland to Germany as per the Munich Pact. Japan joins the Axis. In the same month, Italy conquers Albania in just 5 days. On September 1, German troops enter Poland.

Britain and France soon declare war. However, the Italians refrain from declaring war on Britain and France to defend their ally, due to not being ready to join the war.

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A few days later, the French army steamrolls western Germany. Due to not expecting such a move, the bulk of the German army is in Poland. The war ends by Christmas with a German defeatand the Treaty of Versailles is abolished since a vast majority of people across the globe consider it unjust. Another more lenient treaty is later signed at Verdun to replace it Germany gets to keep Austria, but Czechoslovakia must regain independence; reparation payments are reduced, but further restrictions are put on German military power.

Due to the short timespan of the war, it is simply known as the Versailles War, after the Treaty of Versailles that caused it. He later invades Finland, suffering defeat after defeat before getting the Finns to cede a little bit of territory anyway. Wilhelm II then returns from his exile in the Netherlands with a grand welcome parade, restoring the German Empire now as the Fourth Reich. He immediately leaves the Axis and applies for Germany to rejoin the League of Nations, causing Hungary under German influence to begin removing fascist elements from their country.

Meanwhile, Italian troops invade Greece, suffering numerous defeats after their initial success and leading to the Greek liberation of Albania, along with the Greco-Albanian Alliance shortly after.

Benito Mussolini, the leader of Italy, is later deposed along with the puppet monarchy in a republican revolution due to this humiliating defeat. The new government then abolishes the Axis with Japan and also attempts to rejoin the League of Nations.

kaiserreich spain avoid civil war

The new Kaiser decides on a rapproachment with Britain and France, significantly improving the diplomatic atmosphere in Europe and even lifting the restrictions on German military power. However, just as things seem to be settling down, tension brews in the Pacific, and Japan attacks the American naval base at Pearl Harbor on December 7, On that same day and following dates, Japanese troops invade British, French, and Dutch colonies throughout Southeast Asia, as well as the Philippines then under American control.

However, the American troops on the Philippines are forced to retreat and only manage to hold some southern islands with Anglo-French reinforcements. This success is short-lived, however, as the Philippines are liberated with an amphibious invasion a naval blockade traps the Japanese troops there.

Manchuria and Korea are then liberated, isolating the Japanese home islands.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Install Steam. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support.

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Victoria II: Kaiserreich - The Spanish Civil War image

RedPrometheus Oh thank god, thank you mister. Nice, thanks you!

kaiserreich spain avoid civil war

RedPrometheus 6 Jan pm. RedPrometheus 6 Jan am. I'm a not quite sure yet how to fix it.


So it might be a bit longer before release. RedPrometheus nice, please put the link here! Right now I am fixing some compatibility issues with the Legation Cities. RedPrometheus, looks like you can do it. Look at the introduction: "This submod adds a path for the United States to avoid the civil war by using Kaiserreich 0. I do not intend to develop this mod further so if anyone is interested, please let me know.

RedPrometheus 5 Jan am.

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Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.With an ongoing Spanish rework, this page contains information relating to both the current Spanish setup and in-progress rework, with the ultimate goal, of course, being to phase out all older information once the changes to Spain are introduced. Along with the Commune of France, Spain is one of the only two countries to have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines. Extending to 1, km mithe Portuguese-Spanish border is the longest uninterrupted border in Europe.

Between andthe Spanish political scene was dominated by a system known as Turnismo, by committing electoral fraud the Liberal and Conservative Parties would effectively share power, bowing out in favour of the other after a predetermined length of time - or if public opinion took a turn for the worst.

On paper Spain was a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, in practice, things were not so simple.

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Even the Carlists, despite meager electoral performances since their transition into politics after the Third Carlist War, began to pose a tangible if disjointed threat. Over 3 years of continuous military defeats were to make the Rif War nothing short of a national embarrassment, an embarrassment which would not only bring down the sitting government but the entire Spanish democratic process.

The straw that broke the camel's back fell not in Spain, but Morocco during July-August, Poorly-led, poorly-equipped, and divided both geographically and politically, the Spanish army was annihilated at the Battle of Annual by the Rif rebels under Abd el-Krim. With the political chaos caused by the defeat, the UGT starred one of the more memorable acts of political violence was the assassination of Prime Minister Eduardo Dato e Iradier.

The new government quickly alienated military circles by refusing to commit further resources and spending to the Rif War in the fact of constant defeats at the hands of el-Krim's forces. On 13th September Rivera marched on Madrid, swaying the local garrison to his cause, quickly taking control of the city. A manifesto was quickly issued to the people of Spain; proclaiming that a ' Martial law was immediately invoked, the Cortes disbanded, and a Supreme Directory headed by Rivera established to govern the country.

The Spanish bureaucracy was systemically purged, with hostile civil servants replaced with loyal officers and sympathetic businessmen. Despite personally showing no interest in continuing the Rif War, the General quickly announced further mobilisation of reserve forces and authorised the use of chemical weaponry in order to bring an end to the conflict and to appease the increasingly influential Africanist officers.

German support proved equally useful militarily, as Spain not only earned insurance from the Communard threat across the Pyrenees, but German forces in Morocco proved instrumental in helping Spain end the Riff war. Despite reinforcing the Army of Africa, Rivera like his predecessors was unable to bring a swift end to the Rif War; with el-Krim's guerrillas seemingly unable to be pinned down by the slowly advancing Spanish Forces. Respite was to finally arrive in the form of a German intervention beginning in April On 12th April approximately 8, Rifians launched a major raid on a German outpost North of the border, with the unprepared German garrison suffering heavy casualties in the face of the Rifian surprise attack.

Accordingly, the German Empire intervened on the Spanish side of the conflict, deploying overmen from both German Morocco and Continental Germany, leaving the Rifians hopelessly outnumbered. On 9th June Spanish forces under the direct command of the Prime Minister crossed the border into the British held territory of Gibraltar.

Despite having lost control of Gibraltar over years ago, the reconquest of 'The Rock' remained on the Spanish agenda ever since, a goal previously seen unattainable in the face of the ever-growing British Empire.

The declaration of the ' Socialist Union of Britain ' on 4th June was to mark an effective end of British power - leaving the Empire's colonial holdings alone and unprotected. The march on Gibraltar was not a pre-planned endeavor, but instead an act of political opportunism by Rivera in an attempt to further secure his regime by finally restoring Spanish sovereignty to the Rock of Gibraltar. The Spanish occupation was to also meet no real diplomatic resistance, with the only dissent coming from the Commonwealth Realms.For the unacquainted, Kaiserreich is an alternate history total conversion mod that takes place in a world in which Germany is victorious in the First World War.

Originating in Hearts of Iron IIthe mod has existed in various incarnations throughout the series in the past decade. With an over 30, strong subreddit, and an active discord community, it has an incredibly dedicated fanbase — many of whom eschew the base game and play only Kaiserreich — creating fanart, fiction, AARs, and a flood of in-joke memes. At this point it has become a veritable institution in the larger, heavily mod-focused Paradox Interactive community, but, whereas many successful total conversion mods are based on some existing IP — Old World Bluesa Hearts of Iron IV mod based on the Fallout universe is a good example of this — Kaiserreich is an original work, and one that has even spawned its own collection of spin-off mods based on the universe the developers have created.

Why has the mod survived multiple incarnations over more than a decade? As someone who has played hundreds of hours of both the base game and the mod, I believe this success, particularly in the Hearts of Iron IV incarnation, can be found in some structural issues with the base game that this mod has been effective at resolving. Particularly, the design choices that guide Hearts of Iron limit the narrative choices available to the player, while Kaiserreich uses its alternate history setting to recraft the inter-war world and add a level of dynamism that simply does not exist in the base game.

I try to stay away from World War II games. The period is, by far, the most well-trod ground in wargaming, and in history in general for that matter. More ink, screen time, and simulated blood has been spilled on the topic than most other historical conflicts combined.

Despite becoming eyerollingly hackneyed, Hearts of Iron IV does a serviceable job of making the period feel fresh through the use of its National Focus system, which allows you to direct your nation down a series of branching paths through military, economic, and political choices.

This system is the Hearts of Iron IV answer to the central design dilemma in most grand strategy games: the delicate balance between a desire for historical realism and a desire for player choice. Other times, the technology required to take certain actions will be time-locked, unable to appear until a set year or require enough research points that it will only happen roughly around when it did historically. The least intuitive method is to have set historical events that fire off at a particular date.

The problem with this approach is that it becomes more difficult at smaller timescales. In Europa Universalis or Crusader Kings II there are hundreds of years of game time, so as long as they convey a general sense of the period, most players still feel like they are experiencing a satisfying level of verisimilitude while also believing their choices matter and effect the world around them.

In Hearts of Iron IVthe real meat of the game happens over the course of only about a decade, and of that time, only the choices in about the first five years will have any very meaningful impact on the composition of the war as a whole.

This severely condenses the possibilities of player choice, as all three of the methods mentioned above that Paradox uses to create opportunities for player choice at a macro-level are largely rolled into the games National Focus system. This system is designed to give the player agency, but to do so in a controlled way that allows the game to maintain its tempo and keep the world on a mostly historical track. Through the use of this system, the game is choreographed and most effectively balanced to play out historically, with the major powers hitting all the major period landmarks on the road to war.

There is an option to leave historic National Focuses on, forcing the AI to go down the path each nation did historically, or the player can turn this off and allow each nation the possibility of going down a weirder path and slightly throwing a wrench into the mix. However, nations taking ahistorical routes can result in some strange hiccups, as players must sacrifice a degree of the tempo.


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