20 cent seeds

American Seed is a full line, American owned, seed company specializing in quality seed at affordable prices.

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We supply golf courses, landscapers, contractors, stores, farmers and home owners with all their seed and seed related items.

We have been in business for over 25 years and look forward to helping you with your planting and fertilizing needs!

Most orders ship in less than 24 hours. Our guarantee to you — All of our seed is thoroughly tested for vitality and germination, and every package is marked with the results of these tests. We guarantee arrival in good condition and warrant to the full amount of the purchase price that our seeds are of good quality and true to name as described on the package.

In keeping with our policy on all garden, turf and agricultural seeds, our goal is to give you the highest quality seed available at the best prices possible. Our catalog does not have glossy paper and pretty pictures but it does contain all the information needed for you to make decisions on the type of seed that best suits you. We are a full line seed company. We carry many kinds of grass seed, farm seed, pasture mixes, fertilizer, lime, mulch, chemicals and many other seed related items.

If it is not in the catalog or on the website, please give us a call! Please direct all complaints about paper seed packets to the place of purchase or call Plantation Products at or click here. American Seed Co. Last Year, If you've had problems in early summer with beetles, and by late summer dead patches of grass have appeared in your lawn, you probably have grubs. Grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles, June beetles, chafers, and others.

These white, C-shaped grubs feast on organic matter in the soil, including grass roots. To prevent this problem this year, it is now time to apply Dylox on your lawn. Dylox is easy to apply with your spreader and does an amazing job in just one application. If you have severe problems, you will need more than one treatment. Dylox comes in a 30 Lb bag and covers 10, square Feet.

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Stop by and pick up a bag today. We are opened M-F and on Sat. The Store is Open! See More See Less. It has been quite a challenge working through a window the last few months, But it was all worth it seeing our customers excitement when preparing their gardens for the spring.

Store Hours are M-F to p.

Cents for Seeds : Two different perspectives

We would like to remember all of the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom.At Upcycle and Company, you know how adamant we are about saving money when we garden. We like saving money almost as we like saving space.

After all, being pound for pound cheaper than our competitors is something we pride ourselves on. This is John Kohler with growingyourgreens. I have another exciting episode for you today. First off, of course, they have bulbs, a lot of bulbs. Most of these are not edible, but I want to show you guys a couple that are. Also, they got the red baron Dutch onions. So, these bulbs you could plant not and definitely good to have some onions. In addition, they got some good deals on some seeds.

The seed packet has been picked through a lot. This was marked at 1. Now, these are the same, or at least very similar to the ones you just saw. Here they are right here. This is one kind. Once again, cents. These are the stacking planters. They have this design and they have these guys over here. This is the circular design. They probably hold very similar amounts of soil. Check it out.

Progressions (taught by manu)

This setup is 10 high and this will grow you 30 plants. So, you know, definitely a good deal. Now, once again, these are plastic. They got your standard clay pots. Now, these are nice clay pots. This one pot would be good for like one head of lettuce or some herbs.

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Besides the pot, they also have potting soil for 99 cents. You get hardly anything. This is so light, this is not a good deal, although they make it out to be. So, not everything at the 99 only store is a good deal. Go to a big box store and get some organic potting soil or organic compost instead, but another good item at the 99 only store is this guy right here. You can see here, looks like a standard tomato cage.

This is not even that tall, maybe like 2 feet tall if that.Filter Categories Toggle navigation. Add color to your garden! Perennials, bulbs, trees, and shrubs!

20 cent seeds

Plant flavor and fragrance in home and garden! Grow fresh, delicious strawberries, blueberries and more! Thank you for visiting! We are open and are taking orders for fall shipping.

20 cent seeds

Live plants will ship according to our Fall Shipping Schedule. ProductTypes Seeds. Where else can you grow your garden at prices?!

Look for specially marked seeds to save! A - Z Z - A Featured. View Product. Giganteus Sunflower Seeds. Micro Mini Greens Lettuce Seeds. National Pickling Cucumber Seeds. Fountain Blue Lobelia Seeds.

Large Leaf Italian Basil Seeds. Envy Zinnia Seeds. Scarlet Nantes Carrot Seeds. Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds. Mother of Thyme Seeds. Park's Beauty Blend Radish Seeds. Brandywine Tomato Seeds.

Night and Day Snapdragon Seeds. Organic Arugula Seeds.Cook it as you would any other green, or allow it to flower for a beautiful display of brightly colored red flowers.

The grain from the Red Garnet Amaranth can also be used. This plant isn't shy either, with the right soil Amaranth is generally a summer annual. With stunning red flowers, this Amaranth is not only edible but beautiful too.

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This is a garnet colored sprout that has a wide variety of uses. Amaranth is very easy to grow, heat and drought resistant and grows exceptionally well if you have rich soil or compost.

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Health Benefits of Amaranth Do you have grey hair? Amaranth helps to prevent premature graying, mainly due to the minerals it contains.

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It helps to lower bad cholesterol and also can reduce inflammation and ease pain. Especially important for people suffering from diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Great for tackling high blood pressure and may even help prevent cancer. Don't forget it is a wonderful source of protein. Ways to Consume Amaranth Amaranth is a lot like quinoa as far as being a "protein packed" seed.

50 Herb Seed Packet Special

You can roast, pop, or boil these seeds. Use as a breakfast cereal, or combine it with other grains. Amaranth is a wonderful soup thickener because of it's gelatinous quality when cooked. It has a long history of medicinal uses, but widely known for effectively fighting off your common colds or coughs. Anise is known for it's very aromatic seeds which are mostly used for cooking and herbal medicine.

It is a flowering plant which has leaves that taste similar to licorice, fennel or tarragon. You may be familiar with the Anise flavor if you've had absinthe, because Anise seeds are the basis for this famous alcoholic beverage. Health Benefits of Anise Anise has a history of being used as a spice and fragrance.

Uses range from treatment of digestive problems to toothaches. It helps breathing, relives pain, and eases thirst. Try consuming a little anise. It also has been used to treat asthma, bronchitis and coughs. Tall, Appx. Most of the good stuff is located within the pulp of the leaves, but you can also reap the health benefits of this plant if you eat the leaves or stems once dried. Want to reduce your cholesterol or improve digestion?Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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20 cent seeds

Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. Choose Options. Add to cart. Average rating: 1 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings. Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings. Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 2 reviews 2 ratings.

Average rating: 2 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings.Eunice Awoni lives in Abolet village Eunice is 27 years old and has three children. She is the Cents for Seeds Chairperson for Barr village. She has participated in Cents for seeds since From the time Cents for seeds was introduced, her life changed. Eunice and her family are now able to afford food and even their health care has improved. They now have the means to maintain their own health and the children can now study.

We were given food from the Ugandan Government. However, in the Government stopped supplying food and we were told to return home to our ravaged land.

Life from then on became ever more difficult. Semi is 35 years old and is a widow with 5 children. Cents for Seeds has helped her sell her crops to pay for things that her household needs, like soap, school fees, and other foods.

Vertical Gardens for $1

Now she passes this valuable knowledge onto her children because they help her in the garden. Now I can solve them myself. Rose is 43 years old and has had 8 children, however two of them died when they were very young due to illnesses.

Rose has been in the Cents for Seeds program for three years, and last year was her most successful.

The program is so important to Rose because it is helping her to save money and to use the rest of the seeds to feed her family. Two of her children have chronic illnesses which adds a burden to her expenses and her life.

I only request that you continue to run the program so that we can continue to fight our challenges. Sophia has been in the program since the start in Life was not very easy before the program because there was not enough food and getting seeds was very difficult. Now she has a good harvest and there is food in the house. From her loan of 30kgs of beans, she harvested almost kgs!

Florence is 38 years old. She has 8 children. Last year she received a loan of 30kgs of beans, and managed to harvests kgs! We had a celebration and invited our friends from the program. Everyone brought some food to share and there was such an abundance of food there were left overs! Molly is 35 years old and she has 4 children.

Last year Molly received a loan of 30kgs of beans and she harvested kgs.Go to Page Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Location: Home is where the heart is. Walmart sells Burpee marigold seed packets for 20 cents.

The packets look different, although I can't see any indication that one is a superior plant breed or something like that. What do you guys think? I have a huge area to fill, so the cost of buying seeds could really add up for me. I'd love to use the 20 cent ones if they're any good. Did you notice how many seeds or ounces were in each pack?

The difference may have been in the quantity. Location: The mountians of Northern California. I used them last year when they were 10 cents a pack and they worked great. Cunucu Beach. I've never had a problem with the cheapo seed packets.

Location: In the Pearl of the Purchase, Ky. Look on the back of the packet. Sometimes you're getting seeds packed for last year. You'll see "packed for " or I used to buy some seeds packed for the year before. Never had any trouble with them. I bought 6 packs. I've also grown the 20 cent packs from Wal-Mart with fine success. There may be fewer seeds, but I really don't need cabbages.

I've had great success with the cheap seed packets was 10 cents now 20 cents.


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